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Predator Spinning Reel

If you're looking for the perfect new & affordable ice reel for this winter, our Streamside Predator Spinning Ice Reel is for you. Stainless steel shaft, bail, and line roller highlight the features, along with 3 ball bearings and a front drag. Match with our Predator Ice Rods to create the best combo on the frozen water.


  • Front drag
  • Brass and zinc metal gears
  • Stainless steel bail and line roller
  • Right/left hand retrieve
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Specifications

    PS15 3 FRONT 2/125, 4/105, 6/70 5.2:1 $44.10
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    1. "Outstanding"

      Gary Lynch


      | PS15

      Often times it is hard to find quality spinning reels for ice fishing... I end up using my smaller spinning reels... Fortunately not anymore. Quality and an unbeatable price makes this reel a must have for the hard water.

    2. "Quality"

      Darrin Moran


      | PS15

      For lack of a better word.. quality makes this reel outstanding in its field. By far the best ice reels I own.

    3. "High quality"

      Chris Arnold


      | PS15

      This reel is a surprisingly high quality reel for the price. I've paired it with the Predator ice rod but am confident to try it paired with the Predator SPF-562UL next spring. It's excellent. Cheers!

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