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Our Streamside® Serenity Series fishing rods are a pleasure to fish with as they provide entry level anglers to seasoned pros with an affordable, long casting rod that is easy to use. The Serenity is equipped with high end components including a graphite blank, carbon reel seat, strong titanium rings and grade AAA Portuguese grip. As an added bonus the rod now comes in a Codura™ rod case and spare tip!


  • GX2 Graphite (IM8) blanks
  • SiC guides
  • Carbon reel seat
  • Titanium rings
  • Grade AAA Portuguese cork grip
  • Now includes a FREE spare tip!
  • Comes with a soft cloth fly rod bag and a Codura rod case
  • Specifications

    SS1010 9/10 10'0" EXTENSION BUTT 2 $284.00
    SS804 4 8'0" EXTENSION BUTT 2 $220.00
    SS905 5 9'0" EXTENSION BUTT 2 $228.00
    SS906 6 9'0" EXTENSION BUTT 2 $198.00
    SS909 8/9 9'0" EXTENSION BUTT 2 $250.00
    SS909-4 8/9 9'0" EXTENSION BUTT 4 $274.00
    SS9610 9/10 9'6" EXTENSION BUTT 2 $265.43
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    1. "As a switch"

      Christopher Arnold


      | SS804

      I've recently added the 10' 10wt 2pc to my arsenal and have used it single handed and as a switch, surprisingly stiff enough to do so. Try it for yourself! Cheers!

    2. "Sold!"

      Christopher Arnold


      | SS804

      Love the matte black finish and polished seat. Perfect for my rainbow and brook trout excursions... awesome!

    3. "Love this rod"

      Sports Unlimited


      | SS909

      I have this rod my self in 9ft 8wt and I have it in the 6wt and I love both of them, best rod I ever used, and one of my biggest selling rods for the last 2 years, I already have a list for people wanting to buy them this year!

    4. "Great rod!"



      | SS905

      I first entered the world of fly fishing about 2 years ago and started off with this rod. The 5 wt was ideal for my local haunts for panfish and small bass on dries. The rod is fantastic. As mentioned in the previous reviews, the rod is light and easy to cast. I definitely recommend this rod.

    5. "Love this rod!"

      Ian Troup


      | SS909

      - Been using this as my go to guiding rod

      - Light, easy to cast and perfect in the 5ft for trout streams

      - Like the fact that its not too stiff and has dampens nicely

      - Excellent rod to teach folks to cast with

      - Perfect rod for someone looking to get into fly fishing as it will cover most situations

    6. "Serenity series beats up the competitor!!!"

      Sam Spiropoulos


      | SS909

      After using this rod with a large arbor while pursuing musky and northern pike. I found the nicely designed 1 inch fore-grip to be nothing short of comfortable and made it very enjoyable to fish all day long. The long rod design and somewhat heavier blank made it very easy to fight and land your above average sized pike / musky with relative ease. The construction of these rods are nothing short of remarkable! The carbon reel seat accompanied by the DOUBLE titanium rings made a secure hold of my arbor all day long! It kept the reel nicely snug against the seat with no loosening at all which was very impressive and something that other rod makers lack. The portuguese cork grip design is of very nice quality and comfort.

      This rod made for a perfect marriage with casting big streamers and poppers for muskies and northerns . The overall review on this rod series is all positive to say the least!! Streamside has created the WORLDS FINEST flyrod period !!!!!! Whether or not you seek a rod for rainbows to trophy muskies and northerns. These guys have a fly rod for EVERY APPLICATION!!! The price points on their product is nothing short of AFFORDABLE and of AWESOME QUALITY!!! Great product and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT to anyone who is serious about his/her fly fishing rods.

    7. "Is it an excellent rod? Absolutely!"

      John Brandon


      | SS909

      - The rod is long and clearly forward-weighted to facilitate longer more efficient casts

      - The titanium rings and carbon seat create a strong foundation for the marriage of a larger reel

      - The special guides fixed to the lower half of the rod add strength and faciliate long, smoother casts

      I had nothing to compare the rod to. Is it better than glass or cork? I can't say. Is it an excellent rod? Absolutely! The compsition and length of a rod depend on many factors, such as whether or not one fishes in small streams or large open water systems. Clearly, another important factor is the ability of the angler to wield a long heavy rod expertly. Also, if there is a trend toward smaller flies and lighter lines coupled with improved technology, then I would recommend a push towrds smaller rods, aimed at the less experienced fly fisher (Manitoba). At the same time considerable interest is being shown by fishers, in general, to pursue pike, bass, and channel cat with fly fishing equipment. Hence, there is an emerging need for longer heavier rods, like the Serenity. A parting thought: Most serious anglers have several rods, depending on their application. Some fish musky and trout; hence, dfferent rods are required. It seems to me, therefore, that when an individual picks up a fly rod, he/she will want to upgrade at some point in order to catch other fish besides trout. We love a challenge and as one becomes more proficient in using his/her rod, the desire to pursue bigger, stronger fish mandates the use of longer, stronger rods - like the Serenity!

    8. "My first impressions"



      | SS804

      I threw on my Loop Opti creek with SA's shark skin (WF4F) and here are my thoughts:

      - It has a nice light feel in the hand thanks to the IM8 blank

      - The action is slow enough to make nice delicate presentation with a dry fly and light tippet

      - Its length is nice for small rivers and creeks also helps improving its accuracy

      - Price vs. Quality. For the price I am hard pressed to think of a rod that has comparable attributes and yet is affordable as the Serenity

      Due to its very reasonable cost I can't really find any complaints with rod other than I wish that it had printed labels and not written ones on the blank, but that's minor. This rod next year will see a lot of graylng fishing on the Little Smokey River

    9. "Can it handle big fish!"

      Stu Thompson


      | SS909

      I have been using this rod for the last 5 years and have found absolutely nothing wrong with it. The guides are still like new, the wrappings are still a factory finish, and all the cork needs is a lighte sanding to bring back the natural color of the cork.

    10. "Our trip to Elk river"



      | SS905

      Serenity 905's were used exclusively on our trip to the Elk river in Fernie, BC. I know a lot of guides between Alberta and BC that I will be talking to regarding these rods. We will be putting together a few good photo shoots with these rods and will send them when they become available. I wasn't kidding when I said the rod impressed me. It also impressed the guide/friend I was out with on this trip. These guys are top notch and run the river here and in Alberta 100+ days a year. Most supply the equipment if needed. This line up of rods needs to reach more people here in the West! YES, I would recommend this to a friend.

    11. "Performs as good as it looks!"

      John McCauley


      | SS9610

      I did find it quite nice to cast with that particular line but I also note that you could easily go up one line wt for possible better response. The rod was light and easily manageable for long days of casting without getting tired from it. I like the finish, the matte black gives it that stealth fighter look to it , and the fit and finish of the reel seat is fine too l. I like the carbon fiber look mind you I think having that part possibly polished instead of matte would look more appealing. The rod cast well, played the fish well, and looks pretty decent.

      I did find the rod a touch on the dead side in the sensitivity department, finding it difficult to detect light strikes (keep in mind sockeye are like fighting rubber boots full of water) It might be just me but I thought the rod could have use a little bit bigger eyes on it especially if one was going to over line it.

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