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Surf Fishing Rods

Surf Fishing Rods are available in both the Emery and Streamside Brands. The Emery Spartans are a very popular, economy priced, series of rods. They come in a rich BLACK color to match most reels. They are made from tubular glass and are an economy series usuful for all types of big game fishing. The 9' Emery Sea Master Rod is similar in constuction to the Spartans, but comes in a lustrous, metallic BLUE color. This matches the SM900 Sea Master reel.  For those fishermen who want a LONGER rod, reach no further - buy the Emery Caspian 11' Surf Rod. These family of rods is highlighted by the Deluxe Streamside Intrepid Series of rods. Made from SUPER STONG E GLASS, makes this family of rods built for power on Sea or Lake. Your final choice are the Emery Shoreline Stalker Poles which come without guides (1 on frame) and collapse down into 4 or 5 sections for easy carrying to your fishing spot.

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