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Telescopic Fishing Rods

Telescopic Fishing Rods are ideal for fishing fresh water in all situations. They are manufactured under the EMERY Brand. Their key feature is that they collapse down into a small footprint for easy transportation. Use for trecking through woods and the outback. They are lightweight and can easily be hidden away in a back pack. Using a telescopic rod eliminates the need to carry a long 3 foot to 4 foot, 2 pc rod; instead they compact down to 18" to 20". All telescopic rods come with vinyl bags, so keep this handy packer to protect your rod. The 6021/6023 models come with stainless steel guides; whereas the 6031/33 deluxe models come with ceramic guides. The line is completed with two upper end deluxe rods. The 6041 is a 7' rod constructed from grahilte to create a stiffer action. The 6070 is the top of the line. It is a 7' long rod.  It has a medium heavy action and comes with a full cork handle. This rod also reduces to just 18" when collapsed,

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