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Our Streamside Vortex float rods combine a high modulus graphite with an extended cork handle with graphite rings and chromium "D" ring guides into an exceptional smooth-casting rod. The IM8 graphite blanks are balanced to fish perfectly with our Vortex float reel, providing an efficient and complete combo for covering water.


  • Light action
  • High Modulus graphite
  • IM8 graphite blank
  • Extended cork handle with graphite rings
  • Chromium "D" ring guides
  • Specifications

    FV902 9'0" 2 LIGHT 1/8-1/3 Oz 4-8 Lbs $86.00
    FV1052 10'6" 2 LIGHT 1/8-1/3 Oz 4-8 Lbs $102.00
    FV1152 11'6" 2 LIGHT 1/8-1/3 Oz 4-8 Lbs $106.00
    FV1302 13'0" 2 LIGHT 1/8-1/3 Oz 4-8 Lbs $117.00
    FV1503 15'0" 3 LIGHT 1/8-1/3 Oz 4-8 Lbs $144.00
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    1. "Fantastic Rod"

      Mark Bruce


      | FV1052

      Had this rod for a year now. Bought it use on the creeks in Southern Ontario. Does everything extremely well . Excellent fish control, your arms won’t get fatigued from using it all day, light weight, excellent rod for the price. I would recommend this for any angler who has been river fishing for years, or just wanting to get there first rod for the river!

    2. "Superbe canne!"

      Richard Chamberland


      | FV902

      J'ai acheter cette canne en version 9' pour l'utiliser dans les petites rivières encombre et difficile d'acces. Cette canne a vraiment une superbe action autant sur les gros que sur les petits poisson et donne beaucoup de plaisirs au combat. Vraiment une canne pleine de qualite un prix plus que raisonnable.

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