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Ice Claws

Wear the Compac® Ice Claws around your neck for added safety and inexpensive security. Snap together and release very quickly and easily. Features two plastic red handles and steel spikes for grip. A simple emergency survival tool all hunters should carry.


  • Snap together and quick release lets you wear it around your neck
  • Steel spikes grip the hardest ice, allowing you to pull yourself out of broken ice
  • Emergency survival tool
  • Specifications

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    CL1 $21.73
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    1. "Safety first"

      Darrin Moran


      | CL1

      Worth having in your pack at all times going on the ice and one of the investments you hope you never have to use.

    2. "Must have for ice fishing. "



      | CL1

      I carry these whenever I'm on the hard water... Either around my neck or on my belt... Hope I never need to use them but if needed I certainly will be glad I have them.

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