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The Streamside® Legacy™ fly reel is the top of the line. It features a true large arbour machine cut aluminium reel with a smooth disc drag system and 1 way clutch that never disappoints. Match it with our Tranquility™ fly rod for legacy you’ll be proud to call your own. Our Legacy™ is guaranteed to last 5 years. How long will yours last?


  • Smooth disc drag system
  • 1-way clutch
  • Reversible right/left hand retrieve
  • 100% salt water safe
  • Includes reel pouch
  • Precision machine cut aluminum construction
  • Specifications

    Stock # LW MSRP
    LA-1000 5/6 -
    LA-2000 8/9 -
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    1. "incredible reel!"

      JC Cormier


      | LA-1000

      I own several fly reels, and this one is hands-down the best reel I have ever owned. Everything about it is flawless, from the drag to the retrieve.

    2. "What a drag!"

      Christopher Arnold


      | LA-1000

      Joking aside, the drag system on this reel is second to none! I have a three sizes and have the opinion it's the best in it's class... period! Cheers!

    3. "DRAGGGGG"



      | LA-1000

      The amazing looks aside, the drag really caught me by surprise, I'd put this drag against any of my Orvis Battenkill's or Hardy still water reels, its that good. For the price how can you beat it when its giving $500 reels a run for their money.

    4. "Beautiful reel... Ultra smooth drag"



      | LA-1000

      This reel is awesome... Paired with a Tranquility Stillwater Rod it worked like a dream on big silver perch, smallmouth an pickeral... Love the drag .... Performs as good as any reel on the market for a fraction of the price.

    5. "Am I Lucky or What"

      Stu Thompson


      | LA-1000

      I consider myself to be. I now own a Legacy reel in every size and each one has performed beyond expectations. I fish for big fish in the Red River and need a reel that has a smooth consistent drag that I can crank down if I have to. I also need a reel to maintain this drag so when I got my first reel I actually let it sit submerged in the Red for 15 minutes to see if the water would seep into the drag system. I can assure you that this reel would never lose the drag. In fact it was flawless. If you ever owned one reel the Legacy is the one I would reccommend.

    6. "Fantastic reel!"

      Jacob D'aurizio


      | LA-1000

      This beautiful Streamside Legacy fly reel is fantastic for your local area rivers and streams. I personally love this reel with the awesome features such as the disk drag system which can control all the trophy fish that swim in our rivers. The drag system is able to stop a freight train if needed to. The cherry wood handle gives you optimum grip through all conditions. This aluminum LA 1000 series reel is light weight and easy to fish with all day. I am a young angler and the appearance of this reel is awesome. I am proud to be an owner of this reel and let anyone know who makes it. Even knowing this reel has a five year warranty, you will not need to worry because this reel will last a life time.

      The best fitted rod for this reel I find is the Streamside Tranquilly 10’0” still water rod (3-piece with cloth sock and Cordura rod tube). This rod has the ability to over power fish when required in our faster rivers. It is light in weight and takes no effort to cast with all hand sizes. I have been very impressed with the performance of this rod and will be looking forward to try out other Streamside products.

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