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Predator Elite Baitcast


  • High modulus IM8 carbon
  • Blank through handle for increased sensitivity
  • Titanium oxide guides with stainless steel frame
  • Non-slip, shock absorbing EVA handle with cork butt for added durability
  • Specifications

    SBC-6081M 6'8" MEDIUM 8-14 1/8-1/2 1 $119.00
    SBC-6101M 6'10" MEDIUM 8-17 1/4-5/8 1 $119.00
    SBC-6101MH 6'10" MED-HEAVY 10-20 1/2-1 ¼ 1 $119.00
    SBC-7011MH 7'1" MED-HEAVY 10-20 1/2-1 ¼ 1 $119.00
    SBC-7011H 7'1" HEAVY 12-25 5/8-1 ½ 1 $119.00
    SBC-7012H 7'1" HEAVY 12-25 5/8-1 ½ 2 $119.00
    SBC-7031MH 7'3" MED-HEAVY 12-25 5/8-1 ½ 1 $119.00
    SBC-7031H 7'3" HEAVY 10-20 1/2-1 ¼ 1 $119.00
    SBC-7061H 7'6" HEAVY 12-25 5/8-1 ½ 1 $119.00
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    1. "New favourite casting rod"

      Jade Fogarty


      | SBC-7031MH

      This rod is amazing, it is very light and sensitive enough to detect the most subtle bites. My favourite technique to use with this model is flipping a 3/8oz-3/4 oz jig for largemouth bass, however it can do about anything (swimbait, chatterbait, frog..)

    2. "Well worth the price"

      Big Daddy


      | SBC-7011MH

      Ihave the exact same rod in a much higher priced rod that Iuse for top water applications. When I received the rod I put the same reel that use on the higher priced rod and the Streamside Predator Elite felt the same as the higher priced rod. Couldn't believe it, just how similar they were. Used it for a season and since then, have sold all my other rods at swap meets and to co workers. Just can't seem to beat the Streamside rods, have the sensitivity you are looking for as well as the strenth to pull in that big one. As well, you can't beat the price for a rod like one of the Predator Elites.

    3. "best rod i own"

      John Lavallee


      | SBC-6081M

      Since i started using this rod all my other rods went in yard sales, best bass rod i every used.

    4. "very nice"

      Jeffrey Fahey


      | SBC-6081M

      i purchased a predator spinning rod about 5 years ago for 69.00 buck. I showed my buddies and they were floored, a rod of that quality for that price. They all went out and bought them. Now the elite series comes out and wow.. there is absolutely no bought in my mind its the best rod, dolor for dolor, that you well ever buy.

    5. "Love it"

      Jerry Minshull


      | SBC-7061H

      No need to spend more, I bought 2 from the Toronto Fishing show las Feb From the Emery Booth, I fish competitively and have many expensive rods. Truth is this has the same feel as a $200 rod & does the same job. Will buy a couple more for next year.

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