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Looking for top fishing and hunting brands that are right for any budget?  Then look at Streamside, Emery. Compac, Swedish Pimple, Kamakazi and Backwoods, just one more reason why CG Emery is fishing and hunting heaven.  




Streamside - We Keep You Fishing

Featuring the finest fly and float rods, reels, and tackle, Streamside has equipped anglers across North America with the most advanced angling equipment for decades. Our waders, boots, vests and jackets provide the utmost in comfort and apparel performance, while our rod cases and fly boxes deliver uncompromising protection. Choosing Streamside fishing gear also means you are getting one of the best no- hassle warranty’s in the business. That’s because nobody is more committed to keeping you fishing. Why settle for less? Demand Streamside for wading small streams, drifting massive rivers and all your other float and fly fishing needs. 




Emery - A Great Deal More for Your Fishing Dollar

Get the perfect balance of price and performance with Emery fishing and angling gear. Whether you’re trolling with downriggers, casting from shore, jigging on the ice or in the Atlantic for cod, there’s an Emery rod and reel that’s perfect for you. Don’t buy until you have checked out the complete line of Emery fishing rods, reels, kits and combos – all designed and manufactured to deliver incredible performance, reliability and value.




Compac - Appreciate the Price. Love the Fishing.

Looking for affordable angling products that deliver exceptional reliability and performance in any location or season? Then look at Compac. It’s the fishing brand that gives you great value for your money. Plus you can choose from a complete line of fishing gear that includes terminal tackle, line, lures, nets, tools, waders, and bug gear.




Swedish Pimple - Weird Name, Awesome Lures

If you love ice fishing, you know this is one of the best jigging lures ever made. It’s simple but effective design has remained the same for over 50 year. But why change when you have a lure that works wonders whether you are trolling for lakers or jigging for walleyes.


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Kamakazi - Tougher. Sharper. Better.

Long before a Kamakazi fishing hook gets on your line, it is subjected to a series of rigid mechanical, physical and chemical inspections. That helps explain why Kamakazi hooks offer an unbeatable combination of sharpness (penetrates fish bone) and strength. It’s almost unfair. But don’t worry. We won’t tell.


Tazmanian Devil

CG Emery is the official Canadian distributor is Australia's infamous lure: The Tasmanian Devil!



Backwoods - Great Hunting Gear

A successful hunt starts with being properly properly outfitted with comfortable, dependable outdoor gear. And that’s exactly what you get with Backwoods Hunting Gear. Don’t head into the wild with anything less. Remember to ask about our Pure Camo hunting apparel and other popular hunting gear, including , boots, waders, backpacks, rifle scopes, knives, and other products.

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