Compac offers everything you need to complete your tackle box including a wide variety of high quality, durable leaders

Fishing Tackle / Leaders

Titanium Leaders


  • 80 lb test
  • Black finish
  • Kink and coil resistant
  • Multiple strand nickel titanium (NiTiNoL) construction
  • Ball bearing swivel on one end, coastlock snap on the other
  • Specifications

    TL80-12 12" 80 LB -
    TL80-18 18" 80 LB -
    TL80-24 24" 80 LB -
    TL80-36 36" 80 LB -
    TL80-48 48" 80 LB -
    Other Leaders.
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    Muskie Nylon Leaders

    Baiting Needles


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