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Herring & Smelt Rig


  • 20 lb test monofilament
  • 55" length
  • Rigged with swivel and snap
  • Specifications

    4630 55" 20 LB $5.80
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    1. "Best thing for fall smelt!"

      Mike M


      | 4630

      I use these rigs for fall smelt! I start by cutting them in half, because I find that six hooks are hard to keep track of when the rig is full of smelt,that way I can make two rigs out of one! To say that these work well is an understatement, when the bite is on, these rigs work with or without bait! Last fall I caught about two hundred smelt in less than one hour, using this rig! The smelt would bite on the hooks that had no bait, just as much as the ones that still had bait on them! I think that the small beads have something to do with it! In my opinion, I think they look like a small shrimp or tiny minnow. Either way, they work very well! Get some, they work, period!

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