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Black Ball Bearing Leaders

Compac® Elite series ball bearing leaders were designed to be trusted out in the water. The 30 lb test, nylon coated, stainless steel wire is attached to a stainless steel ball bearing swivel with a high quality interlock snap to prevent tangling and ensure a perfect lure presentation.


  • 30 lbs test
  • Helps eliminate line twist when casting or trolling revolving spoons and spinner type lure
  • Black, nylon coated stainless steel wire
  • Rigged with a ball bearing swivel and an interlock snap
  • Metal crimpted ends
  • 3 leaders per card
  • Specifications

    2501B 6" 3 $7.14
    2502B 9" 3 $7.33
    2503B 12" 3 $7.56
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    Black BB Leaders with Cross-Lock Snap


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