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Kris Bain

Website: www.instagram.com/krisbainfishing/
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/krisbainfishing/
Twitter Page: //twitter.com/krisbain1234
Location: Thessalon, ON
Before Kris was even able to hold a fishing rod his parents had him out on the water. Growing up in the remote town of Hawk Junction nestled in the rugged wilderness of Northern Ontario, he was surrounded by endless opportunity to pursue his passion. During his teenage years Kris was diagnosed with cancer. (Non Hodgkins Lymphoma). He used fishing and the outdoors to keep a positive mind set to help fight the cancer during the rigours of treatment, eventually beating the cancer and having a new lease on life! Since then he has relocated along the Northshore of Lake Huron raising a beautiful family and passing on the tradition of fishing with his children. Recently Kris has been sharing his passion of the sport of fishing through various social media platforms, as well as in person. Fostering the passion of fishing within the younger generations is very important to him. Some recent accomplishments he's very proud of is being appointed pro staff positions with Northland Fishing tackle, SunniesCo., Bam Baits, Rippn Baits, Creek Candy Bead Company, and Streamside. He is also started fishing amateur bass tournaments in which he has two wins on the Algoma Northshore Smallmouth Bass series in 2015. So come along and enjoy a multi species fishing adventure with Kris!


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