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Jill Hammell

Location: Worthington, ON
My name is Jill Hammell, but I’m known as ‘Gills’. When I’m not catching the big ones, I’m shooting them. I have four seasons a year like everyone else, but I call them hunting, fishing, hunting, ice fishing. I grew up on the water in the bush, and took full advantage of the lifestyle. Although I’m just about always catch and release with fish I’ve never tried with a bear. I’m always out searching for new adventures and new lakes to learn different techniques and test my luck and skill, but mostly I mean skill. I’m very close to my family and friends, and try bringing them out as much as possible, they call it guiding. When I’m not hunting, or fishing I’m a hard working independent women, I’ve got serious green thumb in the garden (got to eat veggies too), and love my dogs. I’m very excited to share my experiences and epic tales of the next big one.


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