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Red Diamonds


  • Red/Yellow
  • Unique wiggling/wobbling action is irresistible to panfish, trout, bass, and other gamefish.
  • Perfectly balanced to prevent the line from twisting or spinning.
  • All trophy spoons are crafted from quality metals, durable enamels, and the strongest hooks
  • Specifications

    Stock # SIZE MSRP
    1170C 1-1/4" $3.51
    1171C 1-3/4" $3.90
    1172C 2-1/4" $4.49
    1173C 2-3/4" $4.74
    1174C 3-1/2" $6.22
    Other Trophy Spoons.

    Tiny Rascal

    Devil Bait
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    Fire Tiger


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