Eco-Friendly Power Play Sinkers

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  • Made from steel and composite materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Specifications

    Stock # OZ PCS MSRP
    1560-1 1/8 11 $3.75
    1560-2 3/16 8 $3.75
    1560-3 1/4 6 $3.75
    Other Power Play Sinkers.
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    Bell Sinkers

    Egg Sinkers

    Removable Split Shot Sinkers


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    1. "Rough edges"



      | 1560-1

      The edges on these bullet weights are pretty rough. Using them for Texas rigging or Carolina rigging is not recommended unless you peg them down with a bobber stopper to protect your line. I've broken my line and lost the whole rig while casting with these weights.

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