Braided Line

Lines / Braided Line

Green - 300 yds


  • High knot strength with zero stretch
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Special coating for smoother line feeds and increased stealth casting
  • 60% thinner than monofilament
  • 300 yards per spool
  • Specifications

    BR300-10 10 LBS 2 LBS $44.44
    BR300-100 100 LBS 20 LBS $44.44
    BR300-15 15 LBS 4 LBS $44.44
    BR300-20 20 LBS 6 LBS $44.44
    BR300-30 30 LBS 8 LBS $44.44
    BR300-40 40 LBS 10 LBS $44.44
    BR300-50 50 LBS 12 LBS $44.44
    BR300-60 60 LBS 14 LBS $44.44
    BR300-80 80 LBS 18 LBS $44.44
    Other Braided Line.

    Green - 150 yds

    Blue - 150 yds

    Yellow - 150 yds

    Green - 500 yds

    Green - 5,000 yds

    Yellow - 5,000 yds


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    1. "easy to tie "

      Justin Mullis


      | BR300-10

      I have had issues in the past with knots slipping while using other brands of braid and loosing fish or even my fluorocarbon leader sliding right off. Sureline is smooth and holds knots unbelievably well double uni or Palomar knot hold my terminal tackle to the braid. Sureline braid holds tight without my knots slipping helping me land some of my largest fish. When using the streamside fluorocarbon leader the Alberto knot and sureline braid the two lines cinch together so tight the almost become one line passing threw any size eyelets with ease

    2. "Smooth, strong, easy to tie."

      Chris London


      | BR300-10

      Perfect braided line. Smooth on my low profile bait caster reels and will never spool up with another brand of braided line again. Easy to tie and the knots will not slip. Check out a recommended knot type for braided line if you are use to using a mono line. Some knots that hold for mono will not hod on braid, regardless of the brand of line. Pike, bass, Walleye, Muskie

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