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Kamakazi Duo-Tone Jig Heads


  • 5 pieces per pack
  • Clam shell blister packed
  • Built with Kamakazi hook
  • Available in assorted colours
  • Specifications

    5414K-CG 1/4 CHARTREUSE GREEN 5 $8.59
    5414K-CO 1/4 CHARTREUSE ORANGE 5 $8.59
    5414K-FB 1/4 FIREBALL 5 $8.59
    5414K-FT 1/4 FIRETIGER 5 $8.59
    5414K-OB 1/4 ORANGE BLACK 5 $8.59
    5414K-PW 1/4 PINK WHITE 5 $8.59
    5414K-WC 1/4 WHITE CHARTREUSE 5 $8.59
    Other Jig Heads.

    Floating Round Jig Heads
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    Painted Jig Heads
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    Duo-Tone Glow Jig Heads
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    Double Eye Jig Heads

    Camo Jig Heads
    Football Jig Heads

    Jig Eye Cleaner

    Shad Darts
    Finesse Jig Heads
    Finesse Jig Heads


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