Tasmanian Devil

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Tasmanian Devil 20g

The Tasmanian Devil was first introduced in the late 1970s and hasn’t changed since. The reason it hasn’t changed is because it’s perfect the way it is. Whether you’re fishing trout, pike, bass or salmon or you’re casting, trolling or jigging, it will perform with deadly results

Tasmanian devil

  • 20 grams
  • Includes bead and treble hook
  • Specifications

    Stock # COLOUR MSRP
    TD20-04 CLOWN $13.88
    TD20-105 CHRISTMAS BEETLE $13.88
    TD20-107 TJ SPECIAL $13.88
    TD20-108 WAKASAGI $13.88
    TD20-110 PERCH $13.88
    TD20-117 BLEEDING FLAMINGO $13.88
    TD20-119 RED BOMBER $13.88
    TD20-122 PURPLE HAZE $13.88
    TD20-123 BLACK THUNDER $13.88
    TD20-126 SMASHING PUMPKIN $13.88
    TD20-128 CORAL TROUT $13.88
    TD20-13 PREDATOR $13.88
    TD20-15 RED TERROR $13.88
    TD20-26 PINK LADY $13.88
    TD20-29 SILVER BULLET $13.88
    TD20-36 YELLOW WING $13.88
    TD20-45 RAINBOW TROUT $13.88
    TD20-450 SPOTTED RAINBOW $13.88
    TD20-47 FIRE TIGER $13.88
    TD20-50 FROG $13.88
    TD20-72 ELIMINATOR $13.88
    TD20-74 TRICOLOUR $13.88
    TD20-82 PINK BOMBER $13.88
    TD20-89 ROWLEY'S RIOT $13.88
    TD20-94 SUNSET FROG $13.88
    TD20-96 ABIGAIL $13.88
    TD20-HO HOLOGRAPHIC $13.88
    TD20-Y82 CANBERRA KILLER $13.88
    TD20-Y94 YELLOW SUNSET $13.88
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    Tasmanian Devil 26g
    Hot Pink
    Salty Devil
    Treble hook rigs
    Hook Rigs
    Red beads


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