Float Rods for Streelhead and Salmon, Special Edition

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Float Steelhead - Special Edition

Our new float rod series is a legacy to all the anglers who have developed the tradition of salmon and steelhead fishing with floats over the years. We have designed our rods with power and backbone unparalleled in its league because you never know when you're going to get a fish that will give you the fight of your life.


  • SiC (silicone carbide) guides
  • IM8 graphite blank
  • Specially designed with a long fore grip and short rear grip
  • Extended tapered cork handle with graphite rings
  • Specifications

    FS1152 11'6 FAST-LIGHT 4-8 1/8-1/3 9+TIP 2 $135.00
    FS1302 13'0 LIGHT 4-8 1/8-1/3 10+TIP 2 $153.00
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    1. "Streamside Steelhed Rod"

      Emir Pasalic


      | FS1152

      I have this rod for a year now and i love it. It is extremely light rod with a lot backbone.No shoulder pain after long day at the river.One of the bast feature on this rod is that i never get guide rings frozen on it and that is big plus for me because i,m winter steelhead chaser. I have many rods but this one is always my first choice and never let me down.

    2. "excellent rod"

      Scott Powell


      | FS1302

      i've been chasing steel now for over 20yrs. in those twenty yrs i have used every rod on the market.the im8 is the perfect steelhead rod. has the soft tip for settin the hook. and the backbone when need to pull those big ones in. half the rods out there all your doin is payin for the name. this rod is on the level of so many high end rods out there and at a quater of the price. i use this rod everyday .

    3. "Fantastic float rod"



      | FS1302

      I have been using this float rod for the past couple years and it has never let me down. It's a very light rod with decent backbone and a soft tip. Perfect for long days on the river chasing chrome steelhead. Great value and a perfect rod for beginners getting into river fishing.

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