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At home in freshwater or saltwater conditions this centre disc drag and 1-way clutch desgin has enough power and stamina to make big boys cry and trophy fish scream.


  • Machine cut aluminum fly reel
  • Center disc system
  • 1-way clutch
  • Convertible left/right hand retrieve
  • Saltwater safe
  • Specifications

    Stock # LW MSRP
    SP-56 5/6 $151.20
    SP-78 7/8 $171.00
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    1. "Versitile and refined"

      Christopher Arnold


      | SP-56

      This reel has an awesome finish, drag and versatility unlike other reels. I can fish fresh to tidal in the same outing without any concerns. Cheers!

    2. "Quality worth having"

      Darrin Moran


      | SP-56

      What can I say... this reel is a welcome surprise and delight to fish. With an incredible drag system and an audible click when retrieving your line, you just know and feel that you have quality in your hands with this reel. Very impressed.

    3. "Making big fish SCREAM"

      Stu Thompson


      | SP-56

      I am a skeptic at times and when I recieve new reels I put them through torture tests to make sure I can trust them in fishing situations. Test number one, this may sound funny to some of you but hey it works for me, I rigged up a rod and paired it with a 7/8 Prestige reel. Then I got my son, who plays football, to grab the line and sprint as far and as fast as he could while I fooled around with cranking the drag down as far as it would go. There is no way you can stop a kid that can do a 40 yard dash in 4.7 seconds.I got him to do this not only once but about 10 times to find out how the drag system would stand up.One of the best fights you can have on a fly rod and by the way you can't land a 165 pound son on a fly rod. Test number two,a 7/8 weight system on some of the species I fish is under gunned. When fishing 40-50 pound Carp you need a reel with room for tons of backing, 2-300 yards worth. I only had 100 yards of backing on at the time and really wanted to put this reel through some tests so I went out with the sole intent of getting spooled and to see if I could stop these fish. I was elated, this reel did put a stop to some 36-40 inch Carp and I was never in doubt of being spooled. This is one honey of a reel and I would reccommend it to anyone.

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