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Multifunctional Scarves

Our Streamside Multifunctional Scarf was designed and created to help you catch the big one without getting burnt. The Fish Bandit is made with a COOLMAX™ performance fabric that wicks away sweat in the summer while protecting you from UV rays.


  • Breathable & wind resistant
  • COOLMAX moisture wicking material
  • High UV protection
  • One size fits all
  • Specifications

    Stock # COLOUR MSRP
    FB-BL BLUE $18.80
    FB-KH KHAKI $18.80
    FB-CG CAMO GRAY $18.80
    FB-SB SHARK BLACK $18.80
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    1. "Necessary Apparel"

      Corey Myers


      | FB-BL

      I spend every day each summer on the East Arm of Great Slave Lake. The sun is intense and the water is cold. Spending all day on the water and boating around on the cold lake makes the scarf an essential component to my comfort and safety. It keeps me warm and protected. While the Scarf's look great they provide much more then that. Great product!

    2. "Essential!"



      | FB-BL

      I find these as important as a hat and polaried glasses... essential! Cheers!

    3. "Streamside ProStaffer"

      Gary Lynch


      | FB-BL

      These scarves serve a multitude of purposes when on the water... If you haven't tried one you really are missing out on an accessory that will make your day on the water more enjoyable. From a scarf to a bellacava these scarves have a ton of applications... From providing extra warm on cold days to sun protection on hot days. They also provide you with extra protection from wind burns and do a great job of keeping the black flies outta my ears, nose and mouth during the spring season. Streamside Multifunctional Scarf has become valued accessory that goes around my neck whenever I am on the water... If you haven't yet, pick one up, you won't be disappointed. I certainly couldn't be happier with mine.

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